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Employee Labour Trust Index

Employee Labour Trust Index. The international statistical survey promoted by Gi Group.


Employee Labour Trust Index

The Employee Labour Trust Index is the international statistical survey promoted by Gi Group, through Gi Group Academy and in cooperation with OD&M Consulting, carried out in September across France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and UK.

The survey was designed to measure employees’ level of trust in the labour market as a whole and specifically with regard to 3 areas of investigation: the organisation, the ease of re-employment and national / international institutions regulating the market.

"In our position as a global player operating in over twenty countries worldwide, we decided to conduct this survey because it is our intention to help promote a better labour world that may be more functional to the needs of both people and organisations. To this end, we are highly interested in a subject like trust in the different players acting in the labour world," says Stefano Colli-Lanzi, CEO of Gi Group. "Evidence from this new international survey confirms that structural reforms are essential".
In short, here are the main findings:

  EU Italy Germany UK Poland France Spain
Estimated time required for re-employment 10.95 14.87 7.76 8.04 8.40 10.26 16.40
Trust in re-employment 32.85 27.73 45.35 34.66 29.29 36.27 23.82
Trust in institutions 38.16 34.64 44.28 39.27 35.52 40.30 34.92
Trust in the EU 43.00 45.67 43.62 32.78 44.61 45.23 46.12
Trust in private recruitment agencies 40.18 38.52 38.87 40.90 36.89 41.07 44.83
Trust in trade unions 39.84 34.54 52.93 41.34 39.93 41.91 28.40
Trust in political parties 27.09 20.85 36.59 30.97 21.22 30.95 21.99
Trust in the organisation 58.99 56.88 63.46 61.27 55.03 57.82 59.52
Employee Labour Trust Index (ELTI) 43.37 39.75 51.01 45.18 39.98 44.84 39.45

Employee levels of trust are expressed on a scale from 1 to 100, where 50 is the reference value to distinguish confident from unconfident individuals

Executive summary

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