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CSR Report 2017

25 June 18

We are proud to present our fourth Global CSR Report, showing the initiatives we completed and that Corporate Social Responsibility is even more strongly embedded within Gi Group’s mission and fully embraced by all our employees.

Throughout 2017 we made significant progress in our CSR approach thanks to an effective, strategy-based governance system and, above all, the contribution to CSR initiatives given by our people. 

In its 2nd year, “Destination Work” engaged about 300 Gi Group employees and helped more than 3,000 people across 11 Countries. Main objective of this global CSR initiative was to strengthen our commitment in creating value for our stakeholders by taking care of their needs, meeting their expectations and contributing to the evolution of the labour market.

In December 2017, we launched the first internal employee survey: the Gi Group Energy Matrix. The purpose of the survey was to give all Gi Group employees an opportunity to provide feedback on their own health and wellbeing, on their approach to change, on the level of trust that they have in the company and on their overall ’energy’ levels. The results and feedback helped us to shape many of the future CSR initiative and better understand our Stakeholders’ needs.

You can read and download the CSR Report here