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Gi Group is part of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

6 June 17

Gi Group is now member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, one of the initiatives promoted by the European Commission to bring together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organizations and education providers who take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe. 

Today around 45% of Europeans have only basic digital skills. All sectors of the economy are becoming digital, but 37% of the labour force – farmers, bank employees, factory works alike ¬– has insufficient digital skills. Europe also lacks digitally skilled persons to fill job vacancies, despite high unemployment rates. Developing a digital talent pool is crucial for the Digital Single Market, for European competitiveness and for our digital society to remain inclusive. 

The goals of the combination of all initiatives in the Coalition are, by 2020, to:
  • Train 1 million young unemployed people for vacant digital jobs through internships/traineeships, apprenticeships and short-term training programmes.
  • Support the upskilling and retraining of the workforce and in particular take concrete measures to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who face specific challenges in attracting and retaining digital talent as well as retraining their workforce.
  • Modernize education and training to provide all students and teachers with the opportunity to use digital tools and materials in their teaching and learning activities and to develop and upgrade their digital skills.
  • Reorient and make use of available funding to support digital skills and carry out awareness-raising about the importance of digital skills for employability, competitiveness and participation in society. 

As member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, we are committed to share and endorse its principles and we are pride to make a contribution to boost digital skills in Europe.