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Global Gi Group CSR Report released

CSR Report 2016

8 May 17

We are proud to present the Gi Group’s Global CSR Report 2016. This report provides an overview of all the CSR initiatives we have completed which demonstrate that Corporate Social Responsibility is strongly embedded within Gi Group’s culture and is being fully embraced by our employees. 

Thanks to the commitment of our employees around the world, we were able to launch our first global CSR initiative “Destination Work”. More than 500 people in 13 countries dedicated their free time to support candidates to help them become more employable. 

Overall in 2016 more than 680 volunteers dedicated 7,500 hours to more than 5,000 people looking for a job. All of the initiatives created the opportunity for us to share our professional ‘know-how’ and reinforced again that we can truly make a difference to other people’s lives and that we are actively contributing to the development of the labour market.

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Our CSR strategy and activities will be further developed in 2017. We aim to improve our understanding of our stakeholders needs and increase the number of initiatives which support the connection between candidates and companies.