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Your first EURES job

Gi Group is at the front line in Europe, on young people’s side

17 May 13

Gi Group has been accepted in the tender for “Your first EURES job” promoted by the European Commission to help young Europeans find work in other EU countries. Interviews to fill about 500 vacancies in the Old Continent started in April.

An initiative promoted by the European Commission
Your first EURES job is an initiative promoted by the European Commission and geared to contrasting youth unemployment and facilitating international employment mobility among the under 30s.

To help young people find a job
To help at least 500 young people find a job in SMEs and multinational enterprises across Germany, UK, Poland, Spain, Rumania and Italy. This is the goal that Gi Group set itself within the initiative.

On young people's side
Your First EURES Job is an initiative aimed at improving the mechanisms of the labour markets in EU countries for the benefit of users, first and foremost young people. For Gi Group this is the first in a long series of initiatives within the framework of this international mobility project, which will find us – in our role as multinational player in the industry – at the forefront in the development of major projects. As a matter of fact, in line with our mission to become a global player in the labour market and help fight youth unemployment, we are proud to be the only private player to have won the tender. Thanks to this initiative, we will enhance the competencies we have gained so far in Italy and abroad to help youth find professional opportunities abroad, and companies to hire valid talents.
Stefano Colli-Lanzi, CEO of Gi Group 

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How it works

By supplying services and financial support measures to young people looking for work in an EU country other than the one where they live, and providing training incentives for small and medium businesses, the project aims to help about 1500 young people in total, aged between 18 and 30, to find a job in companies across Europe.

Thanks to “Your first EURES job”, Gi Group will therefore support young people seeking a professional experience abroad in the following ways:

  • A lump-sum refund to cover expenses incurred for interview trips, depending on the company’s distance from the country of residence, in cases where job interview cannot be held via Skype or other technologies or at multinational companies’ local offices. If the work experience lasts at least six months, young people might even receive initial economic support for accommodation in the foreign country;
  • Preparatory training in the country of residence held by Gi Group experts, focused on foreign language improvement and soft skills development, with the aim of both supporting young people in learning to give a good interview and preparing them to deal with the impact of working in their new situation;
  • Further on-the-job training (at the company in the host country) aimed at helping the candidate in the process of learning specific abilities and competencies required in small and medium businesses.

Support available to employers:

  • Recruitment support
  • Small and medium businesses (companies with up to 250 employees) may apply for financial support to cover part of the cost of training newly-recruited workers and helping them settle in.
    For more details on the Union financial support: click here

The selection procedure is just getting started. In April Gi Group operators started to select CVs of suitable young candidates interested in the initiative, and to evaluate them for the opportunities offered by companies.
Activities linked to the project will last one year, and will end on 23rd September 2014.
Every three months Gi Group will send the European Commission a report on the work done and on young people placed into employment.

More information:

With the financial support from the European Union