Gi Group

CSR Framework

"With our work, we attempt to share in the efforts of all humans and entire populations to build the beginning of happiness".


CSR Corporate Social Responsability

GI GROUP CSR Framework - Italy

"Through our services we want
to contribute, as a key player
and on a global basis,
to the evolution of the labour market
and to the education of the personal
and social value of work."

Our mission represents the foundation of our CSR.
It describes the way  we want to manage our business.
It describes the way we want to be part of the development of the whole society. 
Above all, it describes the undeniable value of people and their daily activity, called work

Our mission, shows the road we need to follow, like a light above us.

This is our starting point. We then analysed the results of an internal survey on Gi Group's stakeholders taking into account CIETT instructions (clearly stated in their Code
of Conduct and the document: “Employment & Recruitment Agencies Sector Guide on Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”) and:
  • we identify our main stakeholders focusing on people that, according to Gi Group, are, first of all, direct employees, candidates or people working for our clients. 
  • we highlight what, in our opinion, are the main expectations of the stakeholders we identified:  our responsibility is to welcome their expectations and give our contribution to meet them;
  • we develop our activities and initiatives and we create new ones, measuring our results;
  • we share  with all our stakeholders the structure of our CSR, the initiatives we promoted and their results;
  • we involve our stakeholders in the evolution and implementation of CSR structure and policies.