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CSR Report

Formal and measurable commitments aimed at meeting the needs of our Stakeholders.


Gi Group CSR Report

CSR Report

We are proud to present our second Global CSR Report, showing the initiatives we completed and that Corporate Social Responsibility is even more strongly embedded within Gi Group’s mission and fully embraced by all our employees.

Throughout 2016 we made significant progress in our CSR approach thanks to an effective, strategy-based governance system and, above all, the contribution to CSR initiatives given by our people.

Thanks to the commitment of all the employees around the world, we were able to launch our first global CSR initiative Destination Work . More than 500 Gi Group employees in 13 countries dedicated their free time to support candidates to help them become more employable. Overall in 2016 more than 680 volunteers dedicated 7,500 hours to more than 5,000 people looking for a job.
We know that, in a constantly changing international environment, our stakeholders priorities may change as well. To stay aligned with their needs and priorities, we have released a survey to them. As we believe that an open and constant communication with our stakeholders is crucial, we will intensify the communication and include more key players through work groups, direct contact and new surveys.

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CSR Report


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