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As the core business brand of the Gi Group Holding ecosystem,  
Gi Group provides temporary and permanent staffing solutions
to 150,000+ people in 30 Countries in the world.


   How we support companies   

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet the staffing needs of more than 20,000 companies globally, simplifying the complexity of sourcing and workforce management.

As a strategic business partner, we take a holistic, people-centred approach, and bring industry-specific knowledge gained over 25+ years of market experience.

How Gi Group support companies


How Gi Group support people

   How we support people 

Looking for a new job? We’ll be with you at each step of the journey, working to understand your changing needs, skills and expectations.

Whether you’re looking for something short-term or considering an open-ended career move, our team of 4,000+ experts in 500+ branches across the world will simplify your search.


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