MoveUp: our international mobility solution

By designing an end-to-end, customised process, we support you in finding the people and skills that your company needs.

Thanks to our experience, we answer your need for commercial candidates and specialised professionals across international borders, especially when candidate and skills shortages in your country could prevent your organisation from reaching its business goals.





The pillars
of our value proposition










Download our international mobility white paper

Our white paper delves into the topic of international mobility in the European Union, underlying the sizable opportunities it offers companies and workers. It also highlights the countries and industries where it is more relevant and the most required job profiles and, finally, it explains how Gi Group works alongside clients and candidates by managing a wide range of tasks concerning international mobility and workers’ integration, thus leading to better performance and productivity for companies.




Download our international mobility white paper



We make your search easier

  • We take care of the entire attraction, recruitment and selection process of potential workforce in the country of origin.
  • We manage all relevant administrative processes and workforce needs.
  • We guarantee full legal compliance with international and national regulations and full respect for people according to our Group’s values and code of ethics.
  • We make sure that selected candidates fit and integrate with the employer’s values and culture.
  • We ensure you have the appropriate support to achieve your business goals.



Leading candidates’ market sectors


Thanks to our industry knowledge, we can operate across 18 specialised divisions and ensure our approach is tailored to each sector’s requirements.

Among these, 4 divisions emerge as particularly keen in satisfying the evolving needs of the Market.



Jobs and core profiles

We ease your workforce search for commercial candidates and technical & industrial professionals.

We work with you throughout all the stages of your international recruiting process and beyond, to solve your complex HR needs around all job categories, with considerable expertise in the most sought-after core profiles in the market.


  • Warehouse operators
  • Production workers
  • Factory workers

  • Generic manual labourers
  • Driver/delivery operators

  • Agricultural workers
  • Cleaning operators

  • Specialised technicians
  • Maintenance operators
  • CNC/CAD/CAM operators

  • Welders
  • Forklift drivers
  • Electromechanical fitters

  • PLC technicians
  • Specific test drivers
  • Wiring/lathe/milling operators




How we create value for you

Discover how our international mobility solution elevates your company and supports you in accomplishing your organisational objectives.


End-to-end presence

Take advantage of the complete support we offer throughout every step of the process.

Market responsiveness

Respond to candidate and skill shortages.

Business development

Contribute to country economic development and social cohesion through the achievement of business goals.

Strategy enhancement

Enhance your HR strategy with the engagement and integration of motivated workforce.



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